We bought a decor business!

      It all started when I went to meet a lady named Mary that was selling 100 milk glass bud vases. I wanted them for our vintage rental company. When we arrived at her house, we walked into her basement and were shocked to find the entire place was FILLED with rustic and shabby chic wedding decor. She had everything from whiskey barrels, to pillars, candelabras, furniture, chargers, bunting… you name it, she had it. My eyes were popping out of my head because I wanted to take so much of it home with us, and I hadn’t brought any more cash. Mary went on to explain that she’s been decorating weddings for a few years, but she needs to retire for health reasons. She wanted to sell off all of her inventory. My hubs, Jon, asked, “How much do you want for the whole lot?”

      We went home, worked out the logistics and made a plan to pick up all the inventory a month later.

      Within 48 hrs we:

      • drove 6 hours
      • picked up a 26 foot¬†Uhaul
      • drove another hour
      • loaded up said 26 foot Uhaul to the brim
      • trucked it to another Uhaul facility
      • rented two 10x10x10 and one 5x10x10 storage units
      • unpacked all the inventory from the truck
      • Drove home with just a few items in our SUV

      We’ll keep all the inventory in the storage units until we can organize, unpack, inventory and catalogue every item.

      If you missed our Instagram story as we were doing all these, here is a recap: