How did Heirlooms Vintage Rentals in Thunder Bay come into being? It all started with a pink chair.

      As you may or may not know, I’m also a wedding photographer and videographer. The winter we moved to Thunder Bay, I decided I wanted to do a styled shoot in the spring with the apple blossoms. I started planning, along with Georgia from State & Co. I bought and pieced together a dress, found a venue, the cake maker, a florist. Georgia started organizing the decor. We decided on finding a vintage or antique pink chair and table to do some vignette shots with the bouquet, cake, etc.

      Coming from Vancouver, in this situation, you’d go to a Prop Shop (where all the movies get their set decoration and props), or a wedding rental shop (that’s loaded with antique and vintage decor).  This is when I realized there wasn’t anything like this in Thunder Bay, so I had to go on the hunt for the perfect chair and table myself.

      I ended up finding that chair and table and using it for the styled photo shoot. When I was done with that shoot, I thought to myself, I wonder if instead of selling these off again and losing money if any other photographers would be interested in renting this from me. That’s when the idea of Heirlooms Vintage Rentals was born. From there, I picked up two more beautiful antique chairs in Dryden on my way home from Winnipeg. Then I found a wicker peacock chair in Barrie Ontario that I couldn’t pass up… and it spiralled from there.

      Every time I find an item on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Flea Markets, or Yard sales, I just can’t pass it up anymore. My husband, Jon, also got involved, helping me paint, and fix, and of course move our larger furniture pieces.

      After spending 9 years in the wedding industry, I know what brides, wedding planners and photographers love and want to make their weddings, events, and photo shoots unique and special… That’s what Heirlooms – Vintage Rentals is bringing to Northern Ontario!